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A Little About Us

Welcome to the Dentist on The Green where first class dentistry is delivered by our highly experienced staff in a friendly, caring and professional manner.

  • Our expert dentists offer a full range of General Treatments, including hygienist services, prevention, routine fillings, crowns, bridgework, dentures, root treatment, tooth whitening and teeth straightening... General Treatments 
  • We can also provide within the practice a specialist service for Implants and Periodontal care.
  •  A referral service for tooth straightening, orthodontic treatment, sedation (for anxious patients) and dermal fillers... Cosmetic Dentistry
  • We aim to deliver the highest standards of care and service by treating our patients respectfully. Involving patients fully in discussions about their treatment, supporting them during and following any dental treatment is our priority.  Our staff is highly trained and understands that listening to our patients is vital to delivering exceptional dentistry... Why Choose Us

When you are investing in your dental health, at Dentist on The Green you can be confident that you will be treated by a team of experienced, highly trained professionals.

“The staff at Dentist On The Green are exceptional. I am so glad I have used this practice. Best decision I have ever made. A massive thank you for everything. xxx”

(M Walsh)


Dr Fozia Aziz

Dr Mario Correia

Dr Michail Vavalekas

Making Patients Happy

I was given all the information i could have wanted (more than any other practice I’ve visited) and I couldn’t be happier be happier with the treatment and advice I received.

J MacCakill

The surgery has always been professional and friendly. The fact that I am prepared to make a round trip of some 32 miles is an indicator of my satisfaction with my treatment to date

Anne M Johnson

Thanks to the team for their support, particularly Dr Fozia.

N Tailor

How Are We Doing?

We endeavour to continuously improve our service and patient relationship.
Your opinion is valuable to us and we would love to hear back from you!

Please let us know on our Patient Feedback Form:

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Covid-19 Information

Dentist on the Green dental care team would like to thank all our patients for their understanding and support, whilst we have had to close the practice during the lockdown period.
Although we will have to do things differently since we have re-opened the practice, you will be pleased to know, that behind the masks and visors, we are still the same friendly team of dental care professionals.
Please be assured we are following all PHE patient safety guidelines including :-

A)  Covid screening
B)  Social distancing
C)  Sanitiser use
D)  Longer appointments
E)  Full PPE

The presence of the Covid-19 virus means that we have to do things differently, in order keep our patients and team members in the best of health.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.