Michail Vavalekas

GDC No. 187491


Michail is our resident Dentist with a Special Interest in Periodontics (Advanced gum disease); with a certificate (2005) and fellowship (2010) in Periodontology and Implantology from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Michail brings with him 16 years of dental experience and extensive knowledge in his chosen field and has over 10 years of placing Dental Implants.

Seeing a periodontist can help to save teeth and prevent further bone due to gum disease. He also completes more complex procedures: Sinus lift & Bone Graft, Frenotomy and surgical extractions.

Michail is currently undertaking a PhD at the prestigious Eastman Institute in London, in the department of Periodontology and is often involved in poster presentations at the Academy of Osseointergration and attendance at lectures and seminars with leading experts in the field of periodontology.

Michail’s passion for his area of special interest and caring and conscientious manner means he is well loved and appreciated by both patients and staff alike.

You can find out more about periodontal disease, its effects and care by going to www. http://www.dentistonthegreen.co.uk/periodontics-winchmore-hill.html

Covid-19 Information

Dentist on the Green dental care team would like to thank all our patients for their understanding and support, whilst we have had to close the practice during the lockdown period.
Although we will have to do things differently since we have re-opened the practice, you will be pleased to know, that behind the masks and visors, we are still the same friendly team of dental care professionals.
Please be assured we are following all PHE patient safety guidelines including :-

A)  Covid screening
B)  Social distancing
C)  Sanitiser use
D)  Longer appointments
E)  Full PPE

The presence of the Covid-19 virus means that we have to do things differently, in order keep our patients and team members in the best of health.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.